Day 13…Plant Based Living…Sleeping Like It’s My Job!

Prior to May 13, 2015, I hated my bedroom.  It was the one room in my house that actually caused me anxiety.  I would dread the approaching witching hour known as “bedtime” and I viewed it as a torturous act that was meant to inflict great pain.  This is because until May 13, 2015, I was an insomniac.  I have taken every pill known to man to get sleep and was even once prescribed GHB to try to achieve restorative sleep to my life.  Nothing worked.  Nothing, until May 13, 2015.  That was the day that I embarked on Plant Based Living by accepting a challenge to follow a regimen for 22 days and live only on plant based snacks and meals.  Since approximately May 15, 2015, I have slept every night for 8+ hours.  No interruptions.  I dream.  In color.  I remember my dreams when I wake up.  I wake up refreshed.  I wake up alert.  I wake up ready to take on the day.  I do not walk around in the world like a zombie in a drug induced haze.  I don’t sleep walk and leave behind traces of my night-time “walk abouts” to find in the morning.  I sleep.  Heavenly, steady, beautiful sleep…for hours at a time!  Unheard of before now.

On Day 13, I wake up to a lovely smoothie made from banana, mango, spinach, coconut water, avocado, and plant protein powder.  It sounds gross, I will admit, but spinach is one of those greens that has no real flavor when you have fruit with it.  It is an unassuming flavor, the flavor at the front is banana and it’s lovely.  Smoothies are a quick and easy way to enjoy breakfast and, if I’m being honest, I feel like a bit of cheat because a frozen banana makes a smoothie with the consistency of a thick milkshake.  It’s a beautiful thing.


Banana, Mango, Avocado, Spinach Vanilla Plant Based Protein Powder Smoothie

Banana, Mango, Avocado, Spinach Vanilla Plant Based Protein Powder Smoothie


For lunch, on this day, I enjoyed leftover sweet potato and black bean chili.  Like any other chili, it was much, MUCH more flavorful the day after!  I’m glad to learn this because I froze two additional servings for later consumption.  In fact, I have been filling my freezer with any and all left overs so that I can enjoy them later when things are too rushed and I need a quick and healthy viable option for a meal.  I even packaged them for one serving so as not to over-indulge!


Ready to serve Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili

Ready to serve Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili


The afternoon snack consisted of the walnut chocolate bar.  It’s a very dense protein bar.  The chocolate is very dark and the walnut is a nice pronounced compliment.  It has the consistency of a tootsie roll, it is that dense.  At first bite, I did not care for this bar, much preferring the fruit bar as opposed to this chocolate bar.  On this day, I decided that my initial tasting was inaccurate.  I like this bar.  If I have to eat chocolate, I would prefer it be this bar rather than some nasty American chocolate made with yogurt, sour, yuck bar.  I think if I enjoy it with a cup of tea it will be much better.  There is a next time.


Walnut Fudge Protein Bar

Walnut Fudge Protein Bar

Which brings me to dinner.  Today was Cauliflower “rice” with lemon, mint, and pistachios served over fresh greens.  Instead of serving it “over” the greens, I made a green salad.  I made the cauliflower rice and, since I am the only one eating this, I should have considered that when you pulse cauliflower in the food processor, it grows…it grows exponentially!  This is a raw meal and, while I generally prefer something cooked for dinner, I opened my mind, asked my saboteur to dine elsewhere for the evening, and I had my dinner.  It was ok.  Not great.  Just ok.  It is more like the cauliflower tabbouleh that I have always made, so I was left unimpressed; though not because it was a bad recipe, necessarily, but more because it wasn’t unique.  It is just more of what I already know.  It was tasty.  I would not bring it back around, however, because I prefer my tabbouleh to this “rice” creation.


Cauliflower "rice" with lemon, mint, and pistachios

Cauliflower “rice” with lemon, mint, and pistachios


Overall, today was another success.  I am enjoying reading about new things, making better and cleverer decisions for my health, sleeping, and enjoying a better quality of life.  After all, one should be looking for an improvement of their quality of living every day for to improve your quality of life, the trickledown effect of positive abundance impacts the greater good and eventually everyone in your sphere of influence will benefit from your positivity, making their own and so on and so on…rippling through the world…one positive flow after another.  Here is a before/during photo.  The after photo will be when the challenge is done, then I will do another photo for the second 22 days that I will challenge myself to continue the journey…







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