Day 7…Plant Based Eating…A Challenge is Accepted!

Breakfast this morning started with ice cream!  Ok, not ice cream, per se, a smoothie, by definition; the consistency was quite thick, more akin to a soft  serve ice cream.  It was quite tasty and so thick that I couldn’t drink it.  I actually needed to use a spoon.  I noticed that I wake up earlier and more alert in the mornings since starting this 22 day challenge last week.  This has afforded me the time that I need to make my breakfasts and actually enjoy them before heading out to work.  So, on this day, I sat in my living room, scooping my peach/banana creation out or a cup with a spoon and enjoying it like it was an ice cream treat.  Then it occurred to me…textures…my fight with textures in the morning, my fight with having non-traditional breakfast items for breakfast…look!  NO RESISTANCE!  I enjoyed my smoothie and then headed out to work.

For lunch, I enjoyed a leftover black bean burger with a small side jicama spinach salad with smoky avocado dressing.  These leftovers were amazing.  If you haven’t read the Day 6 Blog, then you should, it gives great details about how wonderful this recipe really is and how much my husband and I actually enjoyed it.

My afternoon snack was a wonderful golden raisin and almond mix.  It doesn’t sound like a lot but it served its intended purpose, was quite satisfying and tasty.

By the time that I got home from work, I had looked at the dinner menu more than once. In all honesty was I approaching this meal with much trepidation and anxiety.  I think that for some reason, my saboteur was trying to pay a visit, and I hastened my way to the kitchen to start preparations.  Dinner was to be brown rice with a steamed green of choice.  I decided to have brown rice and spinach.   Suddenly, as I was cooking, something amazing happened…that intuitive cook that I used to be when I cooked whatever was in my heart and always ended up terrific, she showed up and took over!  The next thing that I knew I was adding the spinach to the rice, steaming it with various and sundry combinations of dry and fresh herbs and spices.  Suddenly, the Brussel sprouts appeared with a lovely balsamic glaze and the avocado flew off of the menu, sliced itself, and landed nicely on the plate.  I was amazed at the wonderful culinary feast before me.  It was tasty and while I could have presented it a little better I will confess this now…while EVERYTHING looks and tastes better on Fiestaware, I do not do dishes on Friday nights – never have, never will.  So, I resorted to my finest chinette!  Nevertheless, the meal was fantastic!

Brown Rice  and Spinach with avocado slices and balsamic brussels sprouts

Brown Rice and Spinach with avocado slices and balsamic brussels sprouts

Then came the dessert…as I have stated previously, I’m not a dessert person, I prefer fruit to cakes and pies, I have no sweet tooth, but I find that this challenge calls for desserts and I have only tried one.  So, I decided to give it a good try.  I make chocomole, a chocolate pudding sort of recipe with vanilla, pure cacao powder, agave or maple syrup and an avocado.  I don’t like chocolate.  This was a LOT of chocolate; however, the avocado gave it a nice texture and I actually enjoyed a few spoons full.  Still not a dessert person.

I learned a few things about myself today…I can and I will have non-traditional breakfast items now for breakfast without hesitation.  I will make the best of this, no matter what because I am feeling great, sleeping soundly, and having a good time.  I will try desserts more often because its fun to challenge myself to live outside of my nurtured and convenient comfort zone.


2 thoughts on “Day 7…Plant Based Eating…A Challenge is Accepted!

  1. 🙂 good stuff.

    P.s. there are a couple of words that don’t fit. Proof “alter” , I think you meant alert. I think there was one more but can’t find it again. 😛

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