Day 5 of Plant Based Living…REALLY enjoying the menus and flavors

Today marks the close of day 5, which was a very interesting day.  I started the morning realizing that the pain in my elbow has been gone for another night.  It never woke me up, as it has over the last several months.  OH MY!  I then realized that the only time that I woke up during the night was to close the living room window because a thunder storm had rolled in and the clapping of thunder and the beating of rain again the roof woke me; but only long enough for me to stagger to the living room and shut the window – I returned to my slumber and slept like a corpse.  Could this be the food and the change in my diet???  I’m thinking – – – YES.

For breakfast this morning, I had a vanilla plant based protein drink with blueberries, spinach, hemp seed and almond milk.  It was tasty.  The consistency is actually like that of a soft serve ice cream and its cold and palatable  First thing in the morning it wasn’t my cup of tea, but that’s my whole texture hang up.  I have also been strange about eating non-breakfast items at breakfast time; ironically, the truth is not the same for breakfast items for dinner.  So, I need to just get over myself.

For lunch, I had the left over summer veggie quinoa pasta from dinner last night (See Blog Day 4 for photos) and snack was the snack I forgot yesterday, which was almonds and golden raisins.  Today, I noticed that I was tired fairly early in the day, but not the same fatigue that I felt a month ago that comes on fairly strongly in the middle of the day, around 3:00 every afternoon.  This was just a pleasant sort of “gee, I wish I had a hammock and could lie under a tree and nap for an hour or two” feeling.  I was not lethargic or fatigued, just tired.  I am trying to be more aware of my surroundings and feelings about hunger and meals.  It seems that more often than not, I am not hungry, but rather I am thirsty.  So, I have made the change to ask myself first what I can identify about the feeling.  If I come up with the answer of “I’m not sure” then I have a drink of water.  A tall drink of water.  If that doesn’t satisfy me, I am not sure what my “plan B” will be because, so far, when I have resorted to this tactic, I have come aware from the glass satisfied and simply wait for the next meal.  Guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

I was excited to get home tonight because curry was on the dinner menu.  Strange that I never realized how easy curry is to make but I also never thought about a vegan curry before; I think that I will be thinking about vegan curry more as the days go by.  Tonight, I made Butternut Squash Curry.  It was fantastic!  The coconut milk melded well with the curry paste and, if I am being honest, I was more than a little frightened when I reached for the curry paste and saw “HOT.”  I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, it had just the right amount of spice – not too hot, not too mild – and the flavors melded together perfectly.  I was also a little taken by the notion that green beans would be added toward the end; but again, I was pleasantly surprised and now wish I had actually added more of them.

Butternut Squash Curry

Butternut Squash Curry

Butternut Squash Curry over brown rice

Butternut Squash Curry over brown rice

Dessert was once again avoided. I’m just not a dessert person.  Once in a while will be fine with me.

All in all, I feel that today was a great success.  I enjoyed a myriad of flavors that I would not have otherwise tried because I never think about exotic cooking.  My prior experience has been Austrian, Italian, and Puerto Rican and once of twice I dabbled in chicken tikka masala…from a mix!  NO mixes here, this is all good down home cooking!  Looking forward to lunch tomorrow…jicama salad…what is jicama any way?!? Stay tuned for the end of day 6 to find out…


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