Day 3 – Plant Based Living – A reflection of numbers and a projection of success…

I embarked on day 3 with a significant weight loss and an equally significant lowering of my blood pressure for a mere 2 days under my ample belt.  The 22 Nutrition Challenge requires that I step on the scale every morning, log in my weight and, since I have a propensity to lean toward high blood pressure, I also take my blood pressure every morning and log that into my calendar.

When I began on day 1, my scale tipped out at a whopping 181.2; I say “whopping” because I stand at 5’4″, which is hardly tall enough to support that weight.  My blood pressure was a dangerously high 199/99. I do not take medication for high blood pressure because two years ago I dropped 50 pounds, 30 of which I regained, and I was able to lower my blood pressure and keep it lowered at an acceptable level – until the weight crept back up, that is.  This time, I am making a permanent change; one that is sustainable and practical, one that I am enjoying and incorporating into my life.

On day 2, my scale read 179.7.  I was pleasantly surprised and tossed it aside as water weight loss (((I should have stopped then and addressed my saboteur and retrained my thought into something more akin to “great job, keep it up, Shirl!”  Hindsight is 20/20, at least I recognize the negative self-talk and I am changing it!)))  I took my blood pressure and it was 189/90.  A small victory is better than no victory at all, yet again I allowed my saboteur in to stomp on my achievements.  I must remember to celebrate every tick downward, every tenth of an ounce lost, and every good feeling that returns.  Awareness and perspective are mighty strong bedfellows!

On day 3, my scale told me that I was now a beautiful 177.8 and my blood pressure monitor stated that my blood pressure was 119/84!!!  I believe that at that particular moment, the skies opened up, a cloud of cherubs floated by and the distinct sound of “HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!” burst forth.  I heard my saboteur chitch, sucking in her teeth, and rolling her eyes as she stomped away like a petulant child when I stood proudly and said “Holy shit!  This is actually working!”  It is a good feeling to pat myself on the back and celebrate even the smallest of achievements.  I rather like this feeling and look forward to it continuing.  I would like to serve an eviction notice on my saboteur for being a poor house guest.

So, day 3…on day 3 I awoke to enjoy a fairly good Quinoa Porridge with berries.  Again, texture is something that I have to grow into and quinoa in the morning, while not appealing to my tongue’s mind, was actually fairly ok.  I do not believe that I am cooking it correctly, which could be the crux of the dilemma, but you know what they say…practice makes perfect!


It was quite tasty, I enjoyed the berries, and I definitely need to work on finding out how this quinoa is actually SUPPOSED to look when it is properly prepared.

For lunch, I had a HUGE salad, nothing really to write home about, it was tasty, quite large, had a ton of things in it like red peppers, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, red onion, lettuce, spinach, chard and a lovely light dressing.

Snack was more hemp hummus, which I could honestly eat every day.  I went a bit off recipe for this batch and added three cloves of garlic because well…you can never have too much garlic, that’s why!  I added red peppers, cucumber slices, carrots and celery sticks to the snack and it was filling and kept me quite satiated through the afternoon.

For dinner, I had a small sweet potato with a tablespoon of melted coconut oil and a medley of steamed vegetables which were amazing.  I chose fresh Swiss chard, Portobello mushrooms, red onions, red peppers and garlic.  I was not in the mood to wash any more dishes, so I chose the finest chinette paper plates I could find!


I know that I am gushing over the meal, but wait until you see what is for dessert!

Raw Brownie Bites.  What the…????  Now, I am not one to eat chocolate.  I do not care for the taste.  American chocolate is somehow, to my taste, sour.  It lacks any sort of real chocolate in it so I avoid it at all cost.  So, on this night, I decided to give it the ole college try.  I broke out the cacao nibs, the powdered cacao, walnuts, and the pitted prunes.  Yes!  Yes, folks, you read that right…pitted prunes.  All of it was tossed into the Cuisinart – which is getting one hell of a work out these days – and I pulsed it until it resembled a fine consistency that may stick together when rolled.  SUCCESS!  These are so tasty and wonderful. I am glad I read the portion is only two!  I am proud to say that I actually stuck to the portion and did not tempt myself into eating them all.  When I saw that the recipe yielded 25-35, I cut it in half and I am glad that I did.  I even brought some to work to share with my coworkers, we shall see if they are as impressed as I was with them.


All in all, I would say that day 3 was a wonderful day and that I project much success moving forward.  Keeping enthusiasm up, the saboteur at bay, and the wonder of surprise intact.


4 thoughts on “Day 3 – Plant Based Living – A reflection of numbers and a projection of success…

  1. Keep that positivity going! Yay at the quick results and just remember the body tends to ebb n flow so if some days your scale doesn’t produce loss its OK!!

    • Allegedly, and I’m quite skeptical of course, the first 22 days rids the body of all of the animal toxins in the body. After days 1 and 2 I have no idea how much more I can “release” lol but it’s fine with me!!!

      • I’m anxious to see what happens when I am off the plan and eating plant based food without a strict regimen. In three days and one meal, I can already identify what “full” is supposed to feel like. I can also identify thirst from hunger which is more often than not, thirst! I’m amazed at that one actually! So, time will tell.

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