Day 2..Plant Based Living…a success

Day two of my lifestyle change journey is over and was relatively easy to get through.  The menus seems to be pleasant enough, relatively easy to prepare for and the ingredients, while unfamiliar to me, are relatively accessible.  I am finding this new way of preparing meals rather fun and entertaining.  I feel like I must look like a complete lunatic, talking to myself, running hither and yon for appliances, ingredients, and paper towels to clean up my myriad of spills and messes.

Breakfast on day two consisted of a plant based protein shake with a frozen banana, almond milk, almond butter, and some chard.  It was tasty once I added the vanilla and the consistency was much like a thick milk shake.  I would totally consider making a protein shake part of my routine once I figure out what that is.  Its good to get some vegetables in first thing in the morning any way and this seems as good a way as any to accomplish that task.

For lunch I had hummus and cut veggies, including red peppers, cucumber, carrots, and celery.  The hummus was really good, only next time I will be adding a bit more garlic.  Hummus recipe included hemp seeds, which I thought added an interesting flavor to the hummus and one that was not unpleasant in the least!  I also had the leftover slaw salad from day one.

IMG_7334 (1)

Since I had to work all day, I felt like this was a very satisfying meal and was looking forward to my snack in the afternoon.  I’m not one for bars and shakes, but honestly the bar that 22 day nutrition puts out is amazingly good.  Its a fruit bar and I could distinctly make out the apricot and oat flavors.  It was quite pleasant and the texture was also enjoyable.

Dinner, I thought, was going to be more of a challenge, but then I noticed that my self saboteur had shown up in a formal gown, teeth bared, and ready to begin the negative self-talk that I have nurtured for far too many years.  The menu set forth zucchini pasta with tomatoes, sweet potatoes and hemp parmesan.  “What in the fuck is hemp Parmesan?”  I could hear the nasty inner voice sneering and gnashing her teeth.  So, I did what I have never done before…I read the recipe and said “YUM!  This sounds amazing” and I set out to prepare my meal.

For the first time ever, I used my zucchini pasta maker, which worked like a charm, cutting long ribbons of “linguine” like pasta; I cut the vegetables, I melded seasonings, and them I made the hemp Parmesan.  MY GAWD WAS IT GOOD!!!  Easy, quick to prepare, tasty, colorful, and down right good!


I will make this dish over and over again!  And then, as if dinner weren’t enough of a pleasant surprise, I also discovered that each night I would be enjoying a dessert.  I have never been a dessert eater.  My family didn’t have desserts while I was growing up.  My mother is an incredible baker, so there was always something sweet, but I cannot remember one time in my childhood that we enjoyed it after dinner.  It was usually just there and I have never been one for desserts as a result.  Until now.  On  this night, I would enjoy “Banana soft serve” like I have never enjoyed a banana before.

IMG_7337 (1)

In my haste to find a camera to photograph this little bit of heaven in a bowl, it melted a bit, but it was still tasty.  Frozen bananas, vanilla, cacao nibs and a blender.  Nothing could have convinced me to stick to this plan and better than this vanilla soft serve.  It has the consistency of ice cream, without the mucus issues.  I loved it and will also be repeating this recipe in the future.

All in all, day two was a success.  I am learning to pay attention to my prior relationship with food and to come to terms with the fact that comfort doesn’t come from a plate.  Negative self-talk is also being called onto the carpet.  I look forward to some truths about day 3.


6 thoughts on “Day 2..Plant Based Living…a success

    • Very much so and I’m amazed actually. My blood pressure has lowered from 199/99 to 119/84!!!! Andy weigh has dropped 3.8 lbs. I was forewarned that the first week to ten days could result in dramatic weight loss that will even out and become slower as my body releases and rids itself of the toxins and animal residuals left in my intestines and stomach. The belly bloating is almost gone. My mood is elevated and my sleeping pattern has changed significantly for the better!!! My elbow remains an issue but the swelling is slowly subsiding. Honestly, I am amazed. I’m also slightly pissed off that the medical community hasn’t suggested this before this must damage to my body was endured.

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