The Body Wars…

It’s been 50 years since I was born; when I was twenty-two years old, I thought that 50 was ancient and I wouldn’t live to see the age of Methuselah – HA!  Now, 28 years later, I look back on that naïve little girl and smile; thankful that I raised her well.

Coming into what I consider “middle age” has not been without its pros as well as cons.  On the pro side, AARP and all of the benefits and discounts associated with that organization have saved me a ton of money since February; I have many great memories of growing up in a stable neighborhood with good friendships; life is great and my history is wonder-filled.  On the con side, my body has a mind and life of its own, outside of my brain.  I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1989 and my body has begun to ache and swell in a fashion that causes me much displeasure.  Pain associated with the swelling has launched my body into full on protest mode, my limbs are virtually rioting and I fear burning down this temple may be the next step in the bodily take-over caused by the swelling!

My brain, however, is preparing to launch an all-out surprise attack!  I have made the conscious and well planned decision to begin living on a plant based diet in the hope that I can rid my body of the toxins that I have accumulated through years of processed foods, the ingestion of foods containing labels with unpronounceable ingredients, carcinogenic dyes, and beaver anal gland juice!  What is this madness that persists in the American diet?  We shop for foods that have shelf lives that outdate the half-life of a radioactive isotope and then we eat those foods and never think twice about the damage that we are doing – voluntarily – to our bodies.

I think that this is a very difficult thing to admit – that I have caused harm to myself, in more ways than one.  To acknowledge this faulty characteristic is to admit that I can control it; therefore, any further movement toward continuing in this same vein is, in fact, self-mutilation of a sort.  I’m not doing this anymore.  I have decided that Friday, when I lie my head on my pillow as an omnivore, I will lift it on Saturday morning as an herbivore.  I will heal this body.  I will cease the self-mutilation ritual of eating indecipherable foods and I will quiet and still my being with the bounty yielded from the Earth.

My hope is that in 44 days, my entire constitution will be restarted and I will live a healthier and happier existence free of pharmaceuticals and I will be able to sleep without a drug thereby alleviating the swelling and calming the pain.  Today, I set that decision down on paper.  This means that it will be so…stay tuned, I will keep journaling as my journey continues.


2 thoughts on “The Body Wars…

  1. You are an incredibly strong willed and beautiful person and I truly hope this helps you feel better. It will require tough decisions often but I know you can and will do it and you’ll do it like a pro!

    Love you!

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