Putting the “BLING” back in Shiny!!!

I say that I’m an efficient human being, but there could not possibly be anything further from the truth. I procrastinate. In fact, I am the mother of all procrastinators. I will squeeze the last minute like a tube of toothpaste…folding it up on itself from end to opening…as if there could be any more left in there. I have done this all of my life. Has it served me well? Meh. Not too shabby. It does, however, leave a bad tasted in my mental mouth.

I want to be organized. “A place for everything and everything in its place.” I think that’s how the old adage goes. For me, the objects become foreign to their places about 15 seconds after I have organized. This leads to frustration two days later when I go to the place and cannot find the thing! What is this madness? I believe that ever since I was a little girl, my mom was always the one who picked up the messes and if she didn’t pick them up, she grounded me when I didn’t do what I was instructed to do; so being the youngest of 6 children, this is my rebellion showing! Maybe that is it, maybe.

In any event, I know that any change must first occur with the desire to make it so; after that, it takes 30 days of repetition to make it become a fact. Therefore, beginning some time that isn’t today (snicker) I shall commit the following to practice…

1. Every week day morning, get up and go to the gym;
2. Every week day evening, after work, tackle ONE room in the house; dust, vacuum, straighten up, clean anything in that room that needs attention;
3. Every Sunday make enough lunches to make it through to Wednesday, then do the other lunches for the week;
4. Keep the flower beds weeded and do something outside at least 3 times per weekday evening;
5. Do laundry every Sunday, unless rain is expected, then do it on Saturday, in the summer months, do I can hang it out to dry;
6. Stop procrastinating…notice it when I am doing it and take one small step every time to lessen the amount of time…do not wait for the last minute.
7. Tackle one drawer in the house per week and completely clear it out of unwanted or unused items.
8. Adopt the philosophy that if I haven’t used it or thought about using it in 6 months, I need to pass it along to someone else or throw it out and then DO IT.
9. Every weekend set aside time to coordinate outfits for the week ahead, including workout clothes.
10. Read and write more.

Now, all jesting aside. I have every intention of going home this evening, readying myself for work, and beginning this list in earnest


One thought on “Putting the “BLING” back in Shiny!!!

  1. I like your list. All very doable and specific things. I haven’t tackled mine yet, maybe after the step-daughter leaves. I am a procrastinator too, in a really bad way. To the point of often just not doing the thing at all because I waited so long so what’s the point and who will it hurt if I just don’t. haha Lame I know.

    On a personal note, this might be a great time for you to start new habits like these, something to focus on.

    Lets check in down the road and see if we are practicing what we are preaching. lol

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