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I’m not really certain when or where or even why it happened.
Not in the very specific sense, that is,
of the specific moment when everything changed;
that moment when the love in your eyes turned to complete and utter disdain;
the sort of disdain that won’t even rise to the level of pure hatred,
it is simply ambivalent disdain.

You? Moping around.
And me? I may as well not even be here.
These are my new thoughts and they ravage the memories:
the days when smiles were frequent and easily crossing your lips;
whistling a familiar tune; singing songs with made-up lyrics
behind a door where water is heard echoing “splish splash” onto
your head, down to the shower floor, before winding its way
down the drain and away from us.

Away from us…

Nothing remains but the memories.
No nice and convenient sentiments to show my place in your heart;
In your heart – where I used to live, so crowded-in by my newness.
And I always knew that this was too good to be true.
Because you’re a man first, and in that fact alone is deception…

Naïve to break my own cardinal rule; placing faith in someone other than myself.
Just another lifetime of disappointment.
Ok, that’s a little harsh…it only feels like a lifetime.

What makes a lifetime?
A month without desire.
A week without a true endearment.
Robotic exchanges of mutual love.
What makes a lifetime?
I’ll tell you what makes a lifetime,
Days that melt into weeks…
that sink into months…
that overflow into a chasm of years.

A Lifetime.
An insufferable lifetime.
I could live it as long as I knew that you were done;
That this was somehow a completed work of tragedy and art.
But you’re a man first, and in that fact alone there is deception.

The Broken Bridge and the Dream - Salvador Dali

The Broken Bridge and the Dream – Salvador Dali

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